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Zoeller float switch types and their replacement parts

The float switches of Zoeller sump pump fall into three types. The Zoeller replacement is one part of the periodic maintenance that is needed every 3-5 years depending on the use frequency of the pump. Not any switch could last forever. Then compare Zoeller float switches to discover which the best kind for the needs of your water pump will be.


BecauseZoeller is really popular and also is the contractors and plumbers preferred brand, then we are offering the following info to help you know more about this float switch including zoeller m53 model for you to choose from.

Types of float switch

Zoeller utilizes the tether and the vertical two-pole mechanical as well as the different level of float switch on its sump pump.

The model 490005 owns a float switch that is tethered.

  • This kind of float switch own a tether along with the float at its end. When the water raises so does its float. When floatsare extended out then the switch will be triggered to deliver power to pumps to operate.
  • In case the float may fill with the water, it would sink to floats’ bottom and so not operate.
  • Lots of homeowners like to make the extension of their tether length much in order for more water to leave the pit each pumping cycle; yet the longer their tether the broader the diameter of the pit must be as well as the more possibilities there will be for hang-up of the float.

The model Mighty-Mate M55, M53, M57, M59; the model Aqua-Mate M76 and M72; and the model Flow-Mate M137, M98and M139 has a float switch that is vertical 2-pole mechanical.

  • The vertical 2 pole switch has 2 separate circuits that are the controlled by the switch. The solid float will be attached by 2 single poles. Floats rise slightly when the water raises in the device’s pit. As the 2 circuits are close, the float switch will trigger the pump into run.
  • A float puncture cannot make the pump fail as the float often is made or sold and buoyantmaterials. The 2 pole float couldn’t get caught or hung up. The float has a high quality protective guard just for extra float protection too.
  • It is true that the switch of the float will need replacement over time, 3 to 5 years. It just wears out. Then replacing the float switch will be easy.

The model Mighty-Mate BN57,N55, N59, and the model Flow-Mate N139 and N137 are some kinds of the non-automatic pump and utilize a different level switch of the float. The kind of switch isn’t solid state; this kind isn’t attached to sump pumps. It is independent and external.

  • The different level switch is the float switch that is tethered.
  • The height of the switch at which floats’ switch will turn pumps off or on is decided by the homeowner. The lowest level the switch could be set will be 6 inches. And the highest level it could be set will be 36”.
  • The different level switches produced by the Zoeller are the piggyback that means the motor of the pump would be plugged into floats’ switch and this switch will be plugged to the socket. Piggyback switcheshave an advantage. In case the switches fail the pump could be activated manually by just plugging the sump pump directly in the socket and then monitoring it easily so the pit will not go dry as well as burning the motor of the pump up.
  • The different level switch has 2 disadvantages. It needs a broader pit diameter (18 inches) than just a vertical two-pole float switch as well as the tether can get hung-up or caught in your basin

Replacement parts for float switch

  • The float switch would fail before the pump motor; so Zoeller has made replacement switches for the model Mighty-MateM55,M53, M57, M59 as well as the model Flow-Mate M98 and the brand Waste-Mate M267 and 264.
  • The float switch will besimple to replace. In case the pit becomes dry or the 4 screws holding the head of your pump turn, so it may be probable to loosen screws and then replace all of it without removing your pump from pits.


These are lots of useful info on float switch models and tips on how to choose the best one for your sump pump at home. We hope these will be helpful for you and your family.

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