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Save space with wall cabinets

Save space with wall cabinets

With the narrow space of the small house, wall furniture design is one good option, saving you space, arrange items scientifically and rational.

Wall cabinets are often designed to address the structural edges of the building due to leave, to solve the problem of savings in the area of ​​interior space, makes work more closely in terms of both performance and announced pole. Is this the appropriate place in the bedroom, used to hang clothes, personal belongings…

If spacious room area, you can design the wardrobe as a dressing room pretty small. The wall cabinet design with U-shaped structure, L is only suitable for large apartments. Also textured wall cabinet I-shaped, V helps you make the limited space in the smaller apartments.

Cabinet type used to display eye-catching decorative items is also designed to create partitions between rooms, handy and innovative. You can even create a small library in the house with diverse bookcase wall design.

However when designing cabinets, you need to keep in mind:

Placement of cabinets

You should not leave the cabinet in the wall directly exposed to sun and rain. Because they are vulnerable to water infiltration, moisture makes cabinets easily damaged. Nor should lie next to bathroom cabinets because of high humidity of the bathroom cabinets made easy moldy and smelly. Homeowners absolutely avoid in wall cabinets where the other side is the water landscape.

Accordingly, you should select the adjacent walls are dry, airy, be it the living room, bedroom, or a room for children.

If forced to put the cabinet in the unfavorable position, the ceramic tiles must be stuck inside all or can do normal cabinets smaller sized cabinet around a bit, push in and decorative cabinets around the closed border original wall cabinet openings. Sound level in cabinet walls approximately 55 to 60 cm is the best because the depth of the wardrobe also reach 60.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the available indoor corner wall cabinet to place in order to save space, such as stairwells, indoor space, thereby forming the cabinet pretty small.

Placing cabinets

For tight spaces, you should put the cabinet in the shape of I or rather V. This means that on a wall or runs along two adjoining walls. You use the sliding door to create a spacious feeling. When closed, the cupboard door will as part of the walls so that more space.

The large cabinet-long sound wall will be very useful for a small house because it has contained a lot of things, has helped connect the space in the room. Moreover, wall cabinets are usually lasting ceiling height to create room seamless space.

How to choose cabinets

  • Colors: Cabinet wall is an optimal solution for narrow, so to create a spacious feeling to the small room, cramped, the best you should still choose the same bright color pale or white cardboard house for this cabinet door.
  • Size: Depending on the area of ​​the walls and utilities that have different options. For cabinets can fit the wall, you should provide a measure of the wall to the supplier or ask them to take measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Add function: You can ask for the door mounted glass cabinets to increase the reflection effect, create a feeling of more space many times. The small shelves or hangers for cabinets are also tied into ways to increase cargo space.


Regularly clean and dry to cabinet when distilled map size is advice for all types of cabinets in your house, not only for wall cabinets. Should you require additional rear part paint – that is part of the back of the cabinet to ensure that the cabinet does not get wet and smelly?

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