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Choosing air conditioning for the bedroom

Cool space will easily provide a good night’s sleep for the members of your family, so the air-conditioned in the bedroom is often a priority. So, how to choose bedrooms with air conditioning?

Select the appropriate air conditioning room area

When buying your first air conditioning should consider to the area or volume of a room. Because when you choose air conditioning lack capacity compared to volume or area of ​​the room, the room temperature is not cold enough to force the air conditioning has to work constantly, resulting in power consumption, fast warm-up and the broken machine.

Bedrooms are usually closed and little room when direct sunlight shines on, so the formula to choose the capacity for air conditioning is standard on the area of ​​1m2 room to get x 600 BTU air conditioning power suit room area. In particular, BTU British thermal unit is used to measure the capacity of the heating or cooling equipment.

For example, your bedroom has an area of ​​15 m2, based on the formula we have: 15m2 x 600 BTU = 9,000 BTU, equivalent to a machine that is 1HP air capacity (equivalent to 9,000 BTU 1HP)

Also, if your bedroom into the sunlight, then you needs a freezer with a capacity of more powerful, with the formula: 1m2 x 800 BTU. Meanwhile, with 15m2 room, you need a freezer with a capacity of 12,000 BTU, equivalent to a 1.5 HP air conditioning.

Utility mode for bedrooms

Normally, air conditioning in the bedroom often operate continuously over 8 hours a day, so you should choose the line is equipped with air conditioning inverter compressor, to help reduce the cost of electricity used. When you start Inverter air conditioning, compressor will accelerate slowly until the load at the same time reaching the set temperature; the compressor will slow down but not ceased, so that the machine will operate smoothly more, consume less energy and room temperature stability.

Not only that, you should also select the air conditioning is used for the sleep mode. Indeed, on the air-conditioned sleep mode is a power saving mode and the special protection of plant health.

This operating mode automatically, allowing the air conditioning after a fixed time period will automatically raise the temperature up to room temperature suitable to the user’s body temperature. Typically, after every 30 minutes or 1 hour, then the temperature will rise to ~ 1 degree, and then continue to rise to 2 degrees will maintain that temperature. Thus, you will not wake up the middle of the night because of the cold and sleep will be deeper, more delicious.

Use air conditioning so durable and efficient

1.    Choosing the right capacity

The selection of the correct air conditioning capacity is very important, if selected machines or lack sufficient capacity, your freezer will cause the machine to run continuously consume more power, resulting in continuous heating machine because there is no time Vacation time, reducing the durability of the machine. Therefore, you should select the type of air conditioning has a slightly higher capacity than demand because of air reaching the requirements, the machine will automatically disconnect.

2.    Improperly installed

Installation of air conditioning properly is also one of the most important criteria affecting the life of the machine. Air conditioner must be placed at least the exposed sun, it is best to put in the shade air conditioning indoors, avoiding places with frequent exposure to sunlight. Doing so, the machine will reduce from 3-5 degrees C air temperature to be cooled, saving power and protect the air conditioning.

You should also follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer as the minimum distance from the ground to the air conditioning was, absolutely not put air conditioning in dusty places to avoid affecting the operation of the machine, put where machines can easily climb up and reach out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3.    Turn off correctly

Refrigeration usedevery day is also huge impact on the longevity of the machine operation. Should turn on / off reasonably, as he wants to turn it back off, you should wait for one period of time and then turn it on. When the air conditioning off completely, you should completely disconnect the power supply to the machine to prevent leaks and cases of short circuit can affect the air conditioning.

4.    Do not start too low freezers

Cold boot too low not only cannot bring effective cooling even as desirable, but consuming a lot of electricity, waste and machine damage. The most optimal way is to air conditioning at 25 degrees Celsius when the new startup. Then about 5 to 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature increase will conform to your wishes.

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