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Choose the best sofa for the small living room

Most houses in the big cities are now apartments. And the proportion living room has an area of ​​less than 15m2 apartment in the existing apartment complex in Vietnam is very high. Often the architects would advise skipping down the wall with extra room next to the living room to increase the area and there is a space shared more widely used. In case you cannot increase the area of ​​the living room, the shopping an apartment living room sofa becomes more difficult because the furniture market is mostly large-sized sofa.

So,how to choose suitable sofa for a small living room? Here are a few tips for you

Pay attention to the size for sofa of the living room space in the house

Before deciding to purchase the apartment living room sofa before you need to measure the area to select the appropriate size sofa. If the living room is a separate room, not interrupted by the flow of traffic through, or near the entrance to the aisle into another space, the selection of sofa is mostly to choose the appropriate size. For the living room has cut across traffic, you should choose a sofa couch sofa straight as to not obstruct the aisle. 3 seater sofa couch living room makes possible a wider and more maneuverable single sofa or urge to conform and more convenient to use.

Choose a sofa couch and sofa for the living room condominium unit will save space

Common sizes for small and medium sofa are usually sized sofa couch is 2m2x0.9m (length x depth). Portable stool can be stored away to save space, or can be added as needed seats. Even sofa size are usually U and L are 2m8x1m8 size (length x depth).

With the modern lifestyle in a hurry, the apartments suitable for young families because most of the seating majority will take place outside the restaurants rarely have visitors home, the sofa is used for the serve more families is to make up a sofa seating L, both types can sit, lie can just watch TV brings the feeling of convenience and comfort.

No need too formal, sofa cloth will suit young families by not spending too much money and still have a sofa to enjoy the quiet and rest after hours of hard work.

How to place sofa in living room to suit the best?

Apartment with an area anyway, plus the majority of young families with children will be the living room at the same time will be the fun of the child, should have created a fight on the floor of the living room about taking space games for children. Statistics pressure should sofa against the wall is the most appropriate.

For singles, or small families, or at reception, a sofa 2-3 seater is enough. Should choose the type of low back sofa and thin handrails or handrails, but attention back sofa should not avoid feeling low too uncomfortable to sit leaning backwards.

Not necessarily a long sofa choosing single sofa decorated living room apartment is sometimes full of a personality choice single sofa (1 seat) and also feels comfortable and especially does not take much room area.

Choosing colors for small sofa

The color of the sofa is also very important, with the living room has a small area, and then chooses bright colors also help create better ventilation and spacious living room. When selecting a narrow sofa for the living room you should also pay attention to the textures, motifs of the pillow to avoid the distraction and make the room becomes the secret department. The simple soothing texture always favored the more than cumbersome motifs.

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