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Best ideas to improve small space

If you live in a small space, you can find ways to improve the cramped area with innovative ideas, to enjoy life in comfort, airier.

Here are some ideas to help you extend the area of ​​their humble homes.

1. Use shelves

Instead of using a fixed system of cabinets for each space, you should choose appropriate racks at each location in the house. The shelf is one of the effective measures to help small space tidier, smart and lovely breeze objects create an eye-catching focal point for each room. For smaller homes, you should use short shelves, avoid taking up too much space compared to other objects in the house. Besides, choose bright colors for the shelf space it nice and more open presence.

2. Use paint

For tight spaces, the use of multiple textures, wallpaper, lines will give the room a feeling scaled. Instead, you use a light-colored paint to “fill” space evenly.

3. Create storage space

Despite living in small spaces, but homeowners still living needs, using the furniture as in a normal space. So, instead of buying more locker room makes more cramped, you can take advantage of the space in the room as an ideal place to store toys.

4. Use the mirror

In any small space, use a mirror tricks make sense of large, deep house is extremely necessary. For example, with a dining room or living room, you should put a mirror just right size helps widen the area helps reflect light, providing more living space fresh when received natural light each right.

5. Create an entertainment corner

Whether you are living in large or small spaces, the creation of an area around the corner just right for entertaining important job is indispensable help each life balance. TV mounted on the wall instead of as often as you should hang art on the walls, and then mount the television on.

6. Select the appropriate furniture

Maybe you’re feeling uneasy and sad to live in the house with a modest area. Homeowners know how to choose the interior fit and shape of the area of ​​each room to the daily activities of family members in handier.

7. Use furniture throughout

If you want every indoor space to feel airy, do not hesitate to choose furniture throughout. The furniture throughout will keep you up to enjoy a comfortable life, but equally full wide open.

8. Select the size of a small tea table

Living room space is the place to be carefully cared homeowners, whether they live in large houses or small. As it does so, creating a nine-time reception room, beautifully is indispensable in every modern home. Please choose a sofa placed against the wall to add an elegant space.

9. Use versatile basket

Instead of choosing to buy more cabinets, shelves to store the furniture, you should use a versatile basket. The baskets of different sizes will help you arrange furniture; everyday objects become neat and tidy. After taking the furniture, you can “hide” the baskets map on the table, the bed…

10. Hide the corner store fixtures

If the bed, under cabinet, under a desk … is the ideal place for you to take those versatile baskets, you should “wear” for this small corner of the lovely coat. Every little corner is experiencing an extra layer of fabric jacket is simple yet ingenious cover just created confusion personality accents, the room beautifully.

Door System options

For homes that are small, door systems, the window should be selected so that the maximum savings while ensuring the area of ​​the elements of durability, safety and aesthetic case and leading solutions for your home that is aluminum sliding glass doors.


Narrow your house will become clearer if you know how to choose floor material. Laminated wood flooring or natural wood will be the perfect choice because they help stretch your eye level and the floor looks more spacious. Note should not put carpet in the small room. Carpet helps create a feeling of warmth, but also will narrow your gaze to space.

Additionally, you can choose to arrange your living room located on a higher ground floor very marked public areas. Open up a space for storage beneath the bed. So the gap between the floor and the lounge area is not only functional but also partition uses hidden, discreet storage. Or work angles and background cos Bed improved compared with other functional areas to create space efficient separation and additional handy storage.

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